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A Course In Freedom
Unleash Your Mind, Create Endless Possibilities, Find Freedom
What Is This Book About?
A Course in Freedom will teach you how your mind works, and how the drunken monkey's negative voice in your head has been limiting every aspect of your life. We will teach YOU how to change that.

Enlightenment is only the first stage of your spiritual path, and therefore, it is important to awaken sooner than later. No matter how advanced you are, when you finally awaken, you will find that you are in kindergarten again. All things are new, fresh, and without bounds -- uncertain and unlimited. Infinite. 

Yet, paradoxically we must still live in the world, awake, free, but functional in the mundane world of sleeping minds and drunken monkeys all clamoring for control of our life. Our brain is in the middle of a transition. It is still evolving, still working things out. It needs us to fully participate and engage in the next step of that evolution.

A Course in Freedom will offer you tools to see your life more and more clearly. It is up to you how far into the rabbit hole you desire to go
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"Introducing A Course In Freedom - An Underground Movement For Freedom"
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Unlock the money game by understanding how money relates to energy and why trading your time for money wildly limits you.  
  • What is value and where does money actually come from (This book is rocking the criptocurrency world).
  • How to overcome social anxiety and overcome your fear of talking to other people, without having to take harmful pills or drugs.
  • How to design your perfect lifestyle so you can live your purpose.
  • How to connect more deeply with your spiritual self. And how that lets you tap into your intuition! 
  • Learn how to have better deeper sex and connection.  Use that understanding to tap into your powerful sexual energy and infinite intelligence. 
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